Some of us rarely even see our families except on holidays.  Why?  Because everyone is always so busy working.  I work with my family and spend a lot of time with them because we enjoy each other’s company. 

Madyson Blais With “Aunt Maryssa”

 Last night, the Little Pawners, Makenna and Maryssa Mahaney, came to our home aka WorthamWorld for their weekly “slumber party and cooking show.” The twins love coming over and my husband, Matthew and I enjoy finding new things for them to cook during our Saturday shopping trip.

We rarely eat out since we enjoy cooking together at home and save money by finding fun ways to create new dishes together. 

Makenna Marie Prepares Her Part Of Dinner

The twins decided to cook entirely different meals last night with Makenna cooking oven fried chicken and Maryssa cooking tacos. 

Matthew Wortham and Makenna Mahaney

My husband has a lot of fun “supervising” cooking shows at our house and we all have “taste tests” of whatever we are preparing.  

When my son was young, we often would cook up all kinds of things together using various accents of the stars we watched on cooking shows and our tradition carried over with the younger children. 

Maryssa Mahaney

Finding fun ways to spend time with your children and your family is and can be entertaining.  From bike rides to cooking and even prepararing decorations for today’s double baby shower for Joanna Davis and Brooke Blumfeld today- we cherish our moments of time together.

I decided when my son was born to be the parent that my twin sister, Cindy Daniel and I had never had.  Our mother left us at 5 years old and our father was always away working.  There are a few wonderful memories of Disneyland and visiting the beach but they were rare occasions of fun times and the importance of creating as many wonderful memories as we can with not only our older children but the younger kids too is very important to us in order to teach them the gift of parenting and grand parenting. 

My Niece Stephaney Mahaney With Latest Little Pawner Madyson Blais

Enjoying your children rather than focusing on work and a chore list will bring you together sharing a meal or even cleaning up the kitchen together as a team.  Last night Makenna told me that her friend was fascinated by our cooking shows and that her family only eats and cooks together at Thanksgiving. What a shame that my favorite room in the house (the kitchen) was only being used once a year by that family! 

Our Second Generation Children and Texas Twins Events Team Members

The older children spend a lot of time together and I’m certain that Leigh Ann leaving in May for Camp Legune with baby “Maddy” to join her husband will leave a hole in our close knit family but we plan to visit soon and often. 

Our Third Generation Grandchildren

Keeping families close is difficult these days with kids marrying and moving away and I’m certain that my niece, Leigh Ann never expected to be far from either my twin or I.  But, the wife of a sailor often takes you in a journey far from home and visits home will be often I’m sure. 

Stephanie and Robert Hafele

A few years ago, my son Robert and his wife moved to Arizona leaving me heartbroken.  But, the move only lasted three months because my son was depressed away from everything and everyone he knew.  We were so glad to get them home again! 

Two Generations Of Texas Twins Events Team Members- Robert Hafele, Maryssa Mahaney, Makenna Mahaney & Stephanie Hafele On Location Dream Event

 Find the time to sit down or even cook with your family and you will realize the importance of spending time with your family.  Before you know it, everyone has grown up and started their own family….

Wendy M Wortham