My husband loves to watch TV.  Weekends at WorthamWorld will find my husband tuning in to the Golf Channel, NASCAR or any racing event.  Matthew Wortham watches as I run around like a lunatic ensuring my home is perfect prior to departing with my team for events and activities. You see, my husband like Steve Daniel, is laid back and in relaxed mode whenever the occasion presents itself. 

 Matthew Wortham and Steve Daniel both share a love of animals and my husband frequently takes photos of our family dog, Mr Foxy Wortham who is also “lounging about” when not running me through the neighborhood chasing squirrels or birds.  You see, Foxy is even “thinking” about chasing something when he’s “lounging.  He finds a comfortable spot in numerous places at WorthamWorld for and I vacuum the furniture twice a week due to dog hair on every possible seating spot throughout our home as well as vacuuming a minimum of twice a week and mopping too.  Dog hair, dust and any other “imperfection” at WorthamWorld drives me crazy! I adjust feather throw pillows a minimum of 3-5 times a day here.

 My family views my over the top housecleaning and list making habits “odd” and cannot understand why I’m constantly seeking perfection in every area of my life including my businesses.  My twin sister, Cindy Daniel often refers to my habits with her iconic #Cindyisms. 

You see, Cindy Daniel is committed to having a good time or, fun no matter where we are or, what we are doing.  Cindy thinks life is for living to the fullest and “it’s a banquet but most poor suckers are starving to death!”  Bring on the fun- let’s sing along to this song and hit that yard sale “Buck up Buddy.”  Good times are “right around the corner, lighten up who cares if the car is filthy?” I do, I also care of there are stains in my kitchen sink or worse, dishes!  

 Apparently, my entire team think I’m always “giving instructions.”  While I find this an exaggeration, it is true that my lists for everything from cleaning to preparation to expectations and ideas are kept in my journal and date book.  I live by my lists and unless I “run across” a toothpaste spattered mirror after a sleepover with the Little Pawners, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney, clean all mirrors at WorthamWorld once a week.  


Yesterday, after running to an early morning wedding, our Little Pawners Maryssa and Makenna enjoyed a swim date at “Grandma Virginia’s” apartment.  I brought the towels home to wash and return to Virginia Malone next week at our lunch date to discuss August weddings and scheduling of events.  Moving the towels from the washer to the dryer, I was horrified to find my husband had put his clothes in with the towels which will take hours of lint removal by me. Jeez!  I hate it when someone “throws” something into the washer without asking me.

 Virginia Malone accompanies me to numerous events along with Ann Rowe Alexander and The Pawning Planners/Texas Twins Team. 

 My family and “team” all adore Virginia and respect her opinions and observations on a large portion of our activities.  This year, our dear friend Tom McAvoy of the Rainbow Lounge, Best Friends & Club Cherries has generously offered to let Virginia ride in his float entry for the Rainbow Lounge during the Fort Worth Tarrant County Pride Parade on October 4, 2015.  The Pawning Planners/Texas Twins Events Entry will be a marching entry and, as always, ALL of our clients previous and current are invited to march in our entry.  TCGPWA is anticipating the largest turnout yet this year and we hope to see all of our friends this year as we will not be out of town and are planning to wear festive costumes along with our team too which I’m certain will be fun! 


My son, Robert and his wife, Stephanie Hafele are the photographers who make sharing my unique journey these past four years possible with photos documenting all of our hilarious, heartwarming and interesting travels.  Working as a “team” Robert and Stephanie often share compensating personalities and “opinions” regarding getting the perfect photos.  Stephanie Hafele spends hours in the editing process and is “key” to our thousands of published photos on social networks and of course, our blogs at Texas Twins Events that give you a visual on our many memories.

Ann Rowe Alexander is key to execution of the wedding party from the beginning of the procession to the altar among her many other activities from assisting us with the Little Pawners, loading, decorating venues and more.  My team is the key to ALL of our successes at hundreds of events as we may sometimes disagree but, when something unexpected occurs, we work together to overcome the issue! 


Stephaney Mahaney (second from Makenna Mahaney) and Angela Rodden have unique attributes as well as Stephaney Mahaney is our Spanish Translator while Angela Rodden helps with hair and makeup. Far right is my daughter in law, Stephanie Hafele always happy, always smiling! 


Ovcasionally, it “takes a village.”  The Pawning Planners/Texas Twins Events Team is “my village” and as we plan a busy month in August of Dream Events, adventures and twinning, it should be noted that everyone realizes my strive for perfection even though they realize that when operating on a limited budget- the reality is- Hillbilly How To’s, Redneck Realities and Cindyisms, keep our party going along with our duct tape dramas and disasters.   


We travel baby and with two sets of twins, the adventures never end!  As I head downstairs to my Texas Twins Treasures workroom to reuse, recycle and refurbish floral designs for an event and put finishing touches on a set of chairs taken in trade last week, I consider cleaning the mirrors in my home office and remind myself that sometimes life isn’t “perfect” and that perhaps I should “lighten up.”

Wendy M Wortham