Recently, I’ve had a flood of correspondence from a few folks who didn’t understand the “Pawning Process.” Today we are going to revisit how this business works again in order for the folks who assume they don’t have to offer anything of consideration for help with party planning, wedding officiating, or the loaning of my Texas Twins Treasures floral designs, cake trays, pedestals or other items that I’ve either purchased or built in order for our clients to not have to buy themselves. 

Cindyism Pawning Planners Apparel

You see, Cindyism comes from my sisters snappy personality and often is based on something that my multigenerational team experienced together.  Telling someone how to drive happens a lot around here since Cindy and I both drive our suv’s to nearly every event and we have a few “backseat drivers” around here. 

Little Pawners Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney Model Pawning Planbers Apparel

When you run a business- you expect to be paid.  The Pawning Process involves my family and I refurbishing the items taken in trade and recovering our expenses by selling the item at Texas Twins Treasures. 

My Son Robert Hafele Models Pawning Planners Apparel

When you come to us and don’t have the money to pay low cost alternatives at Texas Twins Events, we direct you to the Pawning Planners site.  IE:  You have two options to either pay or trade but regardless, I haven’t spent thousands of dollars on businesses in order to work for free.  Quite the opposite is true and my entire family work with me and appreciate getting paid for their efforts which is why the sudden surge of folks wanting everything for nothing shocks not only me but also my family.

We recently had someone contact us about a wedding with no dress, no bridesmaids dress and no flowers or decorations but, wanting an “under the sea theme.”  Why is this so preposterous?  Because if you have no money and you have nothing to trade- how do you expect us to snap our fingers and get these items for you?  We aren’t magicians and we aren’t rich.  If you can’t offer anything in exchange then maybe you shouldn’t he getting married.  That’s right, that “just happened.”  Can you imagine what would happen if you walked into any business and said “hey, I can’t pay for anything but, I want everything!”  You would be laughed out of the building.

When we have on a rare occasion, worked for free folks didn’t TRULY appreciate everything we did for them.  In fact, very few recognized and realized what it took for us to band together and overcome any issue to pull off an event.

This is why a sponsored event is very rare for us because like you we enjoy getting paid for our time and our talents. 

 You can’t make gravy outta water translates to: you can’t start with nothing and make something.  Don’t come to us expecting steak and lobster without bringing a checkbook.

If you don’t have a wedding dress, we suggest you wear something else.  Providing clothing for the wedding party happened once and it will never happen again.  The dress I had bought in order to loan to other brides was kept by the bride and the wedding was a disaster from start to finish with 6 of my family members transforming the bride with hair and make up and everything in between.  I learned a very valuable lesson and that lesson is that if you don’t have to sacrifice and pay for anything- you don’t appreciate it.

We’ve all heard “nothing is free.”  I’ve never had anything given to he in my life.  In fact, I’ve never had a wedding dress, a wedding shower or even a wedding party!  That’s right, I do for others what I have never enjoyed myself.

So, when you come to me and make demands, you might want to listen to yourself and understand that #Cindyism “not my luggage not my trip” translates to “it’s not my problem.”

I created unique businesses to help people but most certainly not to spend the rest of my life doing everything for them without expecting anything in return.  My multigenerational family feels the same way.

We take trades but “don’t expect the honey from the hive without getting a few stings” which translates to- it’s going to cost you something.  Because we recognize that if you aren’t willing to put something in you aren’t worthy of getting something back.